Game Party Champions (Nintendo Wii U)

Game Party Champions is the fifth and latest installment of the widely successful Game Party franchise, and now on Wii U. Featuring all-new modes and a fun, pick-up and play style that will appeal to new and experienced gamers alike. Do you have what it takes to be a Champion?Eight Classic Games: Including Ping Pong, Skill Ball, Water Bulls-Eye, Mini Golf, Table Hockey Football, Hoop Shoot and Batting Cages.
Brand New Technology: Tilt, turn, and touch the innovative new GamePad controller for more interactive fun and dynamic game play.
New & Classic Game Modes: Players can utilize three different game play modes
Rich and Graphics: The game features eye-popping high definition graphics, a first on a Nintendo platform.
Players take turns in a board-style competition, where the next game is just a spin of the wheel away!
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Price: $31.00

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