Nancy Drew Message In A Haunted Mansion – Windows PC Game

Load Nancy Drew Message In A Haunted Mansion into your PC and you’re on an adventure of intrigue and deception. Is this mansion really haunted or are there dastardly activities going on. That’s a perilous puzzle that you must solve. Can you find the clues and uncover the mystery?

You are Nancy Drew. You have just crossed the threshold to danger and intrigue into a fully interactive three-dimensional mansion riddled with secrets shadows and hidden passageways.

Interview fellow guests as you continue to poke into dusty nooks and uncover cryptic messages. Dead-ends and trickery abound… but success is at hand with some daring and resourcefulness.

There’s trouble afoot at a friend’s beautiful Victorian inn that you as super-sleuth Nancy Drew have been called on to help renovate. From collapsing scaffolds to leaking gas and suspect fires to ghostly threats Nancy is about to stumble onto a secret that someone living or dead would rather keep unknown.

Are the inn’s inhabitants leading you to truth or a trap? One false hunch and you won’t stand a ghost of a chance. Follow your hunches as you explore a huge Victorian mansion!
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Price: $12.75

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