Lightbringer – PC

Lead the First Manned Mission to MarsProduct Information Your mission is to travel to Mars…the setting is the year 2012.  Assumethe role of three astronauts sent to Mars to explore the mysterious CydoniaMensae region best known for its mile-long land formations thought to resemblea humanoid face.  Upon entering the Martian atmosphere however yourspaceship is severely damaged by an unexpected force field.  With your shipcrippled and fellow crew members critically injured your journey bees astruggle for survival.Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure with seamless 360 degreenavigation challenging 3D puzzles over 70 hours of non-linear game playenhanced with dynamic directional sound and fascinating multiple endings.The next giant leap for mankind.Product Features Completely Immersive Gaming Experience This epic journey opens a whole new world that will capture your imagination.  Immerse yourself in in over 70 hours of stimulating game play. 3D Realism Magnificent environments are created with remarkable detail and ingenuity.  Game content includes mission data taken from actual NASA and Russian space programs. Fascinating Expedition Travel to a time when life existed on Mars and master the advanced technology of an ancient martian civilization.  Complete with multiple endings and enhanced with dynamic directional stereo sound. The Face On Mars Debate over the validity of these photographs has fueled major controversy in the space science munity.  As the controversy mounts the mystery remains. Explore Mars Roam freely across the pla’s landscape.  Travel to the much debated “Face on Mars” the mysterious Pentapyramid and other fascinating locations. Intriguing 3D Puzzles Use your genius to solve engaging situational and tactile challenges such as The Warrior Puzzle. Outstanding Graphics Enjoy the realism created by over 55000 framPrepare yourself for an exhilarating 3D graphic adventure
Your mission is to travel to the Cydonia region of Mars to survey the planet for the prospect of human colonization, but your mission takes an unexpected turn
Engaging 3D puzzles
Seamless 360 degree navigation
Over 70 hours of non-linear gameplay with multiple endings
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Price: $4.99

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