This Spyro the Dragon Statue is Awesome But Expensive

Activision and First 4 Figures (F4F) have just released details on their latest creation, a very detailed Spyro the Dragon statue. While this is surely aimed at hardcore fans of the classic games, potential buyers shouldn’t let nostalgia blind them from that hefty price tag.

The Spyro the Dragon statue can be yours for a cool $324.99, which, honestly, is appropriate when considering the size, materials, and labor that goes into it. It’s clearly meant for serious collectors. The statue is currently on pre-order for a July 18, 2017 release.

The statue has its own documentary on YouTube, believe it or not, as part of F4F’s ongoing commitment to reach out to its fans and give a more detailed rundown of its products. It runs just 30 minutes short of a feature film, but the creators have put timestamps in the description of the video to more easily navigate. We’ve cobbled together the important details to save time.

As for dimensions, the statue stands at around 15 inches from the bottom of the base to the tip of Spyro’s horn. The base itself is around 11 inches. The statue comes in either the regular version or the exclusive version. The prices for both are the same, but the exclusive version comes with some extras.

The extras include a colorful display backdrop and a box of colorful glass gems — the kind you collect in the games. It also features a light up base, which will add some life to the colorful flames.

While a Spyro statue is nice, it would be great to see another Spyro game in the works. While he was a prominent character in the Skylanders games, it didn’t quite capture the magic of his solo series. Currently, Spyro and the Skylanders crew can be seen on Netflix, where the game has its own animated series. A while back the show even managed to include Crash Bandicoot in some of its episodes.

Crash has seen a revitalization in popularity after his three original games got a complete remastering for the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. The game has been enjoying positive reviews since its release a couple weeks back, which is a testament to the power of nostalgia – something F4F is banking on to sell their statue.

The remaster’s success has likely prompted studios to look back on its once-popular franchises and hopefully contemplate bringing some of them back. We have some great suggestions on where to start. In fact, we have a handy list of 5 classic PlayStation games we’d like to see get the Crash Bandicoot remaster treatment. And, of course, Spyro made the list.

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