Templar Raid Boss Killed in 11 Seconds

With Destiny set to give way to its forthcoming sequel soon enough, fans of the original version of the science fiction shooter are still finding ways to wring out as much experiences from the title as possible. As a matter of fact, one intrepid group of Guardians recently managed to pull off an incredibly impressive feat by teaming up to successfully kill the Vault of Glass raid Templar boss in a little less than 11 seconds.

As seen in the video below courtesy of the Guardian and YouTuber known as ItsGShark, the Destiny fan takes up arms with a group of teammates – Worthers91, XGN FRIENDLY9, Obliviatum, Primary Me, and Moneyshot Chain – to complete the world’s fastest Templar kill in Vault of Glass at 390 Light in exactly 10.43 seconds. The strategy involves some planning, clear communication, and prime execution, and it also involves standing directly next to the raid boss.

As explained by ItsGShark, should one wish to emulate or attempt to take down the current world record kill of the Vault of Glass raid Templar boss, one will first need to generate Orbs of Light next to the relic, so that whenever the relic runner picks it up, he has his super ready to down the Templar’s shield. Then, it’s a must to equip a Found Verdict and gauntlets with increased shotgun reload speed, as well as armor with extra ammo perks. Following this, empty the shotgun so that only one bullet remains, pop in a special synth or pick up special ammo, and hit a Weapons bubble where the Templar will spawn.

In order for this strategy to be effective, all Guardians save for the relic runner will need to stand in the bubble. Then, when the relic runner picks the artifact up, the three Hunters inside the sphere will need to pull out Celestial Nighthawks and move to the top of the stairs outside of the bubble along with the defender Titan. Once the relic runner says they’re going to take down the Templar’s shield, the Sunbreaker Titan should melee the raid boss with the Melting Point ability as the shield goes down, doing it again after 4 seconds, while the Hunters shoot with Celestial Nighthawks and then switch to shotguns.

With the shield dropped, the relic runner will shoot their “goldie” and then some Gjallarhorn rocket launcher shots at the Templar, and then pick up the relic again. With the Hunters at the top of the stairs now wielding shotguns, they will need to shoot the Templar with the final round that was primed earlier by holding the shoot button and spamming reload in order to keep blasting to deal extra damage.

Without a doubt, ItsGShark and the rest of the Fireteam’s skills are stellar to say the least, as the new world’s best for felling Destiny‘s Vault of Glass’ Templar raid boss has handily beaten the previous 15 second kill record. Taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see what kind of strategies emerge to beat the various baddies in Destiny 2 once it comes out this September for consoles and in October for PC.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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