Super Mario Odyssey Koopa Troopa Moon Challenge Gameplay

New direct feed footage of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay involving a small Moon-rewarding challenge was put online today. Nintendo World Report TV published the two minutes of gameplay footage, which takes place in Tostarena, part of the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. While the short clip doesn’t show any of the unique gameplay features from the forthcoming Nintendo Switch platformer, it is an interesting look at the kind of small challenges that fill the game.

Mario is able to talk with the sombrero-wearing red Koopa Troopa, who prompts him to participate in a challenge. The Koopa Troopa tells Mario to walk around, following the arrows on the ground. He also warns that the arrows will disappear after a time, so Mario should make a mental image. At first the player takes the Koopa’s message literally, walking Mario rather than running. After the arrows disappear, however, he speeds up to try and finish. Mario is able to recreate the circle of arrows with surprising accuracy and is rewarded a Power Moon for his troubles.

Moons, like Stars in Mario Galaxy and Shines in Mario Sunshine, are a currency that allows Mario to progress through Super Mario Odyssey. Each Kingdom will feature between 30-50 Moons, and as the video shows, they’re most often earned through various puzzles or mini-games spread throughout each Kingdom. More challenging or important quests in Super Mario Odyssey can reward Grand Moons, which count as three of the standard Power Moons.

While the Koopa Troopa’s Moon challenge doesn’t require it, many of the Moons earned during gameplay experiences so far require the use of Mario’s new hat. The new hat allows Mario to take control of an object or person, using their strengths to overcome certain obstacles. For example, one Moon is hidden in a block nearby Tostarena and the only way that Mario can acquire it is by tossing his hat onto a passing Bullet Bill. After taking control, Mario redirects the Bullet Bill into the block and destroys it.

The Moons aren’t the overall objective for Mario in each Kingdom; they’re just a means to an end. Mario is trying to stop Bowser from getting various items that the lizard tyrant requires to marry Princess Peach. For example, in Tostarena Bowser is looking for a wedding ring.

Collecting Moons will move Mario closer to that goal, but will also power his ship — the Odyssey. Mario can then take that ship to the various other Kingdoms in the game. There are currently 6 Kingdoms revealed, but Nintendo likely has plenty of surprises left to reveal.

Super Mario Odyssey is a Nintendo Switch exclusive launching on October 27.

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