Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heavy Trooper Class First Look

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will feature four distinct classes and today EA is offering a deeper look into one of those, the Heavy. The Heavy class, as its name implies, embodies power in combat. While every class is deadly in Star Wars Battlefront 2, the Heavy is the class players don’t want to bump into unprepared or protecting the point they need to capture. Truth be told, it is just the kind of class fans will want to play if brute force is their style.

The Heavy’s skill-set is straight forward, designed to empower the player to either hold a position or lay down cover fire for more mobile teammates. The Heavy’s first ability is Combat Shield, which unfurls a small forward-facing shield protecting the character’s head and torso. The Combat Shield also allows the Heavy to continue moving slowly while firing through the shield. Combat Shield can be used in tandem with the Heavy’s second ability, Sentry, where the Heavy can pull out a large repeating blaster that lays waste at medium-range.

In the grand scheme of Star Wars Battlefront 2 combat, think of the Heavy as the tank. He goes in first to take the brunt of the action. The other three classes in Battlefront 2 operate around the Heavy. There’s the Assault, who will flank and help break through lines with close combat. The Officer supplies support, increasing team fortitude and strengthening positions with Blaster Turrets. Then finally there’s the Specialist, who works around the fringes of the team sniping and laying traps. It’s the Heavy that’s at the heart of every team, though. And the heart of every battle, too.

Today, EA shared two images showing off just what the Heavy looks like in Star Wars Battlefront 2. the screens show two versions of the heavy from different eras and factions. There are absolutely more looks for the Heavy in Battlefront 2, as there are three eras represented in-game and each one features two factions. But there’s perhaps no more an iconic visual of a Heavy than of the trooper or the battle droids.

Expect more details on Heavys in each of Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s eras and factions, as well as details on each of the other three classes, in the months to come. That will hopefully include details on the Star Card customization and microtransaction system, which will let each player cater their class to their own style of play.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is out on November 17, 2017 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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