Snapchat Introduces Pikachu Filter for the Cutest Selfies Ever

Pikachu is by far the most famous character in the entire Pokemon series, but the character’s popularity has soared in the past few weeks. Not only did Niantic release a shiny Pikachu in Pokemon GO but the recent headlines about the Pokemon origin movie (and Ash and Pikachu’s corresponding relationship) have also reminded everyone why they love the Electric-type creature.

It seems that Pikachu fever is never ending either, as social media platform Snapchat has now gotten in on the fun. Today, Snapchat and The Pokemon Company released an official Pikachu filter that makes for the cutest selfies ever. Superimposing Pikachu’s nose, ears and cheeks onto user’s faces, when they open their mouths, Pikachu shows up on-screen to send bolts of electricity flying across the screen and over their head.

Unfortunately, the Pikachu filter will only be available for a limited time. Although neither Snapchat nor The Pokemon Company revealed an exact date for when the filter will disappear, Pokemon fans across the globe are advised to make full use of it now. Thankfully, Snapchat’s library feature makes it relatively easy to take lots of selfies and videos now and save them to send later, even when the filter is no longer available.

Aside from the obvious love and appreciation of Pikachu, it’s not hard to see why so many people have already opened the app to use the feature. Given the phenomenal success of Pokemon GO, another app that uses augmented reality features, the Snapchat filter seems like a natural fit.

On the other hand, some may also be wondering how this may affect Pokemon GO in future. While the filter doesn’t make any mention of Pokemon GO specifically, when combined with the other recent Pikachu news, it could certainly draw many casual Pokemon fans in to play Niantic’s mobile game. Or, it could encourage curious non-Pokemon fans to find out more about a game and a game franchise that they previously knew nothing about.

With Pokemon GO recently introducing legendary raids, and with Niantic having addressed many of the problems that have plagued the game since launch, now could be a good time for new players to jump in. And although the title has made over one billion dollars from players already, new players could potentially help double that figure if enough of them become invested in the Pokemon series.

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