Pokemon Switch RPG Gets Wide Release Window

When the news that a Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch was being developed by Game Freak, many fans were excited to learn more. Although news on the project has been kept on the quiet side since the announcement at E3 2017, Nintendo has now confirmed a release window of sorts for the game, with the title due to see release in “2018 or later.”

This announcement was confirmed by Nintendo in its recent Earnings Release, which gave a run-down of a number of high-profile upcoming releases. Listed among those games was the in-development Pokemon game, with the title being given a rather vague schedule for launch of “2018 or later” by the company.

This may come as something of a disappointment for fans of the monster-catching franchise, as many were hoping that the game would be locked in for a definite 2018 release. However, it looks as though – for the time being at least – Nintendo is hedging its bets until a more solid release date can be put forward.

Of course, there will be plenty of factors that could impact on the release date of the game, and not only how well the project goes during its development. Making sure that this Pokemon RPG is up to standard will no doubt be the most deciding parameter for its release, but given the Switch’s relatively new place on the market Nintendo may well want to ensure that the game is able to hit store shelves on a system with an ample user base already embedded to ensure maximum sales are met.

At the moment, Nintendo has been remaining coy about exactly what this game will consist of, allowing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon more time to shine through the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, Reggie Fils-Aime has been able to give something of a description of the project, giving away some details on Pokemon for Switch such as the fact that it will be “a traditional find, battle, train type experience.”

For now, though, that’s all that Pokemon fans are getting about the game. With Nintendo also giving itself plenty of wiggle room in terms of the title’s eventual release date, it’s clear that Nintendo will be revealing more about the game when it is ready. Hopefully, the wait for more details won’t be too long.

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch will be released in 2018 or later.

Source: Nintendo

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