Pokemon GO Sprint Super Pack Detailed

The relationship between cell provider Sprint and Niantic’s hugely popular mobile game Pokemon GO has gone from strength to strength, with the Sprint trainer rewards program proving a popular one for fans of the game. Now, the provider has announced it is offering up something else for players of the title, this time through the announcement of the Sprint Super Pack.

Once again, Sprint is making a big push to be the go-to provider for Pokemon GO players. This time, the company is offering up a Pokemon GO Sprint Super Pack, which is valued at $50, for free to any Pokemon GO trainers making the move over to Sprint.

This could certainly act as an enticing prospect for Pokemon GO players who have been looking to move to another provider. The pack itself includes the likes of Ultra Balls, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Incense, and a variety of berries, and so those looking to make another big push to catch ’em all in the coming weeks may well feel that Sprint could be a good choice to move to, if only for this boost to their Pokemon GO game.

Pokemon GO users have a while to make up their minds, though with the deal running through until September 14, 2017. It’s not the only bonus that Sprint is offering up, either, with Moto E4s also being made part of the deal. That said, the exact ins and outs have not been confirmed, and nor have the precise quantities of what the player will receive in the Sprint Super Pack.

This is far from the only tie-in that Sprint has offered up to Pokemon GO players since the partnership between Sprint and Pokemon GO was confirmed in December of last year. The mobile provider was also giving out free Pokemon GO promo codes to players a few months ago, and no doubt there will be more deals and offers in the pipeline to boot.

Recently, of course, the focus of Pokemon GO players has been on Legendary Pokemon battles, resulting in something of a rise in player base. With Niantic promising more Legendary raid battles coming soon, now could be a good time to stock up.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS.

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