Pokemon GO Safari Zone Events Delayed

Despite past promises of an incredible summer filled with raids, gatherings, and the introduction of Legendary creatures, Pokemon GO has suffered some seriously disappointing setbacks. From service issues and technical problems that afflicted Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago earlier this month to odd glitches that happened post-event, the season has been looking pretty bleak for the popular augmented reality game. Now, it appears things are taking another turn downward, as Niantic Labs has announced that the upcoming Pokemon GO Safari Zone events have been delayed.

The company issued a statement explaining its decision to postpone several Safari Zone events, which were set to take place in August and September at select malls in Germany, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Spain. The Copenhagen and Prague event on August 5 and the Stockholm and Amsterdam event on August 12 have both been delayed to a later, unspecified date. According to Niantic:

“In order to guarantee the best possible gameplay experience for European Trainers, we have decided to postpone the events in Europe scheduled for August 5 (Copenhagen and Prague) and August 12 (Stockholm and Amsterdam) until a date later in the Fall.”

Players in Germany, Paris, and Spain will still be able to attend the Safari Zone events planned for September 16 at the CentrO in Oberhausen; at Les Quatre Temps in Paris; and at La Maquinista in Barcelona. All gatherings are said to feature exclusive Pokemon Raid Battles and region-exclusive Pokemon such as Kangashkan and Tauros that aren’t normally found in Europe.

Additionally, Niantic confirmed that the Pokemon GO Stadium event set to take place in Yokohama, Japan on August 14 won’t be affected by the recently imposed delay. The company also stated that a “special surprise” is coming soon: “Some Pokémon that are rarely seen in Europe will be appearing soon in certain European cities for a brief time.”

pokemon go safari zone

Though dismaying and definitely frustrating to hear, the news of these delays actually proves a positive thing: Niantic is listening to and learning from event feedback. The decision to postpone the Safari Zone events isn’t without reason, and it’s likely down to Niantic and the Pokemon GO team wanting to minimize the possibility of failure after seeing what went down at Pokemon GO Fest.

However, players who planned to attend a Safari Zone event on August 5 or August 12 won’t be refunded for travel or lodging costs, a fact that discourage attendees from rebooking for the new festival dates. Hopefully when the Safari Zone events eventually do take place, they’re a rousing success.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Live

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