Pokemon GO Fest Faces Threat of Poor Weather

Niantic’s Pokemon GO Fest is set to kick off soon, with attendees left with less than a week to prepare to catch all the pocket monsters they possibly can. Anticipation for the upcoming Chicago-set event has remained high since its initial announcement, but recent news has put a slight damper on players’ excitement. A quick look at forecasts for the region show that Pokemon GO Fest faces the threat of poor weather, including thunderstorms and chilly temperatures.

Reddit user Infinipro, a Pokemon GO fan from the American Midwest/Chicago region, took to the site’s forums to make others aware of the weather-related information. The post indicates that the weather forecast for Chicago on the day of Pokemon GO Fest (Saturday, July 22) looks quite grim.

There’s reportedly a 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, and Infinipro advised attendees to “be prepared with rain gear and jackets” to combat the wet weather. Unfortunately, fans can’t bring umbrellas to stay dry, as they’re on the event’s list of prohibited items. It’s also unclear if the event will have designated shelter(s) to protect attendees if a storm does hit.

The event is further threatened by uncharacteristically cool temperatures. Though the U.S. is currently in its summer season, the Chicago forecast for July 22 indicates that temperatures may drop into the lower 60s (Fahrenheit) in the early morning hours. If the breeze from Lake Michigan — the shores of which Chicago sits on — is strong enough, that outside temp could struggle to reach 70 degrees. And even if suburban temperatures reach the 80s or above, the lake can alter downtown temperatures by 20 degrees or more. Event attendees, of which there will likely be many since Pokemon GO Fest sold out in 30 minutes, should be prepared to dress in layers or bring an extra jacket to stay warm.

Though Pokemon GO‘s popularity has experienced a noticeable decrease since its launch last July, it’s clear to see that the mobile game still has a solid fanbase — many of whom have already expressed interest in and excitement for the upcoming event. Couple that with the knowledge that Pokemon GO Fest will feature an ultimate gym and unlock mystery challenges, and it’s even more disheartening to hear that the festival may face complications or even cancellation due to inclement weather.

pokemon go fest legendary pokemon

If the event does go off without a hitch on July 22, players may be in for a few extra surprises. In the past, Niantic has promised that this summer will be “legendary” for Pokemon GO. This statement has, understandably, led to a ton speculation about the possibility that Legendary Pokemon are coming soonPokemon GO Fest could very well mark the first instance in which a trainer captures a Legendary out in the wild. Here’s to hoping that Chicago won’t rain on the Pokemon GO parade next weekend.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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