Pokemon Exeggutor Statute is Ludicrous and Expensive

There are few Pokemon as goofy as Exeggutor, and the version of the creature seen in Sun and Moon really upped the goofiness. The tropical theme was perfect for Exeggutor, so it naturally went through an evolution of sorts to fit the island setting. Its neck got an extension and it went full palm tree, somehow making it look even more awkward. Now, it’s available as a collectible statue for some reason.

It’s here and it’s real. A 1/10 scale Exeggutor that stands 3.57 feet tall can be yours for a hefty sum. The statue is currently going for 29,800 yen ($270). It’s likely targeting hardcore fans of this particular Pokemon – or Arecaceae in general. We’re no palm readers, so it’s tough to say whether it will go out of stock quickly or not. Best to check the store if this is a must-have.

What should buyers do with one, should they choose to purchase it? The advertising suggests sitting near it, possibly sipping a beverage, but always reading. It could also be a quirky replacement for a real plant in a home or office, we suppose.

Source: Bandai

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Source: Bandai

If the video games are more your speed, there are big things happening in Pokemon GO right now. The mobile title recently unleashed legendary Pokemon into the game, breathing some refreshing new life into it. Legendary Pokemon premiered at the first ever Pokemon GO Fest, which didn’t go quite as planned for developer Niantic. There was a fair amount of technical issues keeping attendees from participating in events. The company issued refunds, but it’s still dealing with the aftermath.

Currently, players are taking part in the game’s various raids in hopes of capturing a legendary Pokemon. It takes a good team and careful planning to take down these epic creatures. They’re only available for a limited period, so now is the time to get cracking. Those looking to add the legendary electric Pokemon to their collections can follow our Zapdos guide for some helpful strategies. The raid will be available until August 14.

Pokemon GO is available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Kotaku

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