Overwatch Datamine Reveals Doomfist Skins for Summer Event

Although Blizzard has yet to officially declare whether or not Overwatch will be receiving a summer event this year, a truly dedicated fan of the game recently datamined the title to find files that indicate that the newly added character Doomfist is set to receive at least one skin for a currently unconfirmed Summer Games function. Should the trove of information be accurate, the gauntlet-wielding warrior will be receiving four cosmetics for the seasonal event, and will eventually get 71 cosmetics in total.

As seen below in the images from the Redditor known as DocterrificDoc, Overwatch‘s potential Summer Games cosmetics for Doomfist aren’t given any further descriptions than numbered and lettered file names, so there’s no telling if there’s a skin among them or if they’re specific to a certain event as other characters’ outfits in the past have been. Considering last year’s Summer Games in the team-based shooter, though, the files could be indicative of a Rare Icon, a Common Voice Line, a Common Spray, or an Epic/Legendary Skin.

Beyond the Summer Games event information, DocterrificDoc asserts that once Doomfist leaves Overwatch‘s Public Test Region and is officially added to the base game, he will receive a total of 67 cosmetic items at launch, including a golden weapon skin, a cute spray, and a pixel spray for completing certain achievements. Not to mention, the offense character seems set to receive some more items such as an heroic victory pose, an heroic highlight intro, an heroic emote, a non-gold default weapon skin, a default voice line, and a classic skin, while the remaining 57 items will be other voice lines, emotes, skins, and more.

While it’s important to take DocterrificDoc’s datamine details with a grain of salt, it would be odd if Blizzard didn’t have plans for Doomfist cosmetics or even an upcoming Summer Games event. After all, one of the most fun bits of Overwatch is customizing the looks of the heroes to one’s liking. Also, the studio received a generally positive response for last year’s mid-year seasonal event.

Furthermore, another recent datamine has alluded to the eventual announcement of Summer Games 2017, so fans will likely learn more about these and other issues from Blizzard in the coming days and weeks. If anything, an announcement regarding a summer event will likely come soon considering that last year’s event took place in August. Plus, with game director Jeff Kaplan having stated that the Summer Games are on a “yearly schedule,” there would be no reason for him to go back on his word, barring any unforeseen circumstance stopping the event from happening.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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