Overwatch Buffs Roadhog and More in PTR Update

Over a year after the game’s release, and Blizzard is still supporting Overwatch with regular updates. The next update for Overwatch sounds like it will be one of the most substantial ones yet, and it is currently being tested in the Public Test Region.

Like many Overwatch updates, the game’s next update will include a variety of character balance tweaks. Most notably, the tank class character Roadhog is getting a buff after having his damage greatly nerfed last month. As part of his buff, Roadhog will now be able to walk and heal himself at the same time, and he will take 50% less damage when healing. Even though his damage isn’t being increased, this buff should still go a long way in improving Roadhog’s pick rate and making him a more viable option in the game.

Besides Roadhog, Junkrat, Orisa, and Widowmaker are also getting buffs. Junkrat will now be able to hold two mines at once, and his ultimate ability will be faster with no time limit when wall climbing. Orisa, meanwhile, will have her projectile speed and the size of her barrier increased. As for Widowmaker, the cooldown on her grappling hook is being reduced from 12 seconds to eight, and enemies that are hit by her Venom Mine will now be visible through walls.

These are rather significant changes that should go a long way in improving the pick rates for all four of these characters. But character updates aren’t the only things being tested in the PTR. Blizzard is also testing the game’s new Deathmatch and Team Deatmatch modes on a variety of maps, including one brand new map built specifically for Deathmatch called Chateau Guillard.

Chateau Guillard is an estate located in southeastern France, once owned by Widowmaker’s family. Since becoming a Talon agent, Widowmaker has returned to the estate, using it as her base of operations of sorts. In any case, it will be interesting to see more of this new map in action in the PTR, and hopefully it will give fans the opportunity to learn more about Widowmaker.

With a new map, the Deathmatch game mode, and significant changes coming to four characters, the next update for Overwatch has a lot in store for fans. Hopefully the patch doesn’t stay in the PTR for too long, and Overwatch fans on all platforms will have a chance to try out the new content for themselves sooner rather than later.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayOverwatch

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