Nintendo is Not Causing Switch Stock Shortages on Purpose

Gamers who are yet to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch might well have a hard time finding a retailer that still has stock of the console/handheld hybrid, as severe shortages continue to get in the way of sales. While this could easily be seen as a marketing decision to raise demand for the product, Nintendo’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications Charlie Scibetta insists that the shortage is not being orchestrated by the Japanese developer.

Amongst accusations of “false scarcity” that have begun to make the rounds online, Scibetta wants to set the record straight, regarding the amount of Nintendo Switch consoles available for purchase.

“It’s definitely not intentional in terms of shorting the market,” the director told Ars Technica in a recent interview. “We’re making it as fast as we can. We want to get as many units out as we can to support all the software that’s coming out right now.”

With a healthy supply of games set to release between now and the end of 2017, it makes sense that Nintendo would want to have as many households containing a Switch as possible. Scibetta confirmed that the company is currently trying to produce as many units as it can, in order to support the launch of Super Mario Odyssey which is set to release in late October.

According to the developer, the shortages come as a result of Nintendo underestimating the demand for the Switch, which surpassed 2.7 million sales within its launch month. Scibetta also revealed that a further 10 million units are predicted to be sold before the end of the fiscal year in March 2018, meaning that Nintendo has to allocate all available resources to Switch production right now.

It seems that the Nintendo Switch will have shortages until at least the end of the year, so gamers who want their own hybrid system should ensure that they keep their eyes peeled for retail outlets suddenly coming back into stock.

Source: Ars Technica

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