Microsoft Explains Xbox One X Console Name

What’s in a name? To the Xbox team, it’s everything. The previously code named Project Scorpio was officially unveiled as the Xbox One X at E3 2017, and some fans had their misgivings about the name. With the Xbox One already confusing some, as its name implies it isn’t the third generation in the Xbox line, adding another X further compounds the issue.

It’s a wonder, then, why Microsoft didn’t simply settle for Scorpio instead of Xbox One X, which arguably sounds more like the fiercely powerful console it is. Those baffled by this decision can now gain some clarity through a recent interview between the outlet MCV and Xbox’s head of operations Dave McCarthy.

There was a real appeal to going back to our roots as an ‘X’ box team. That original Xbox was founded on a principle of real technical innovation, opening up some new avenues for games developers, and gamers overall. So it didn’t take us long to land on the X name. It spoke to us, it meant something in our history. So, as a team, we gravitated to the name pretty quickly. But I like Scorpio as a project code name as well.

More or less, he says the “X” box team decided to tack on another X, because the Xbox One wasn’t X-y enough for them. A simple, yet straightforward, explanation. Let’s hope that trend stops after the Xbox One XX, or things could get awkward.

But the name doesn’t really sell the hardware, anyhow. It really matters what the hardware is capable of — and the Xbox One X is a very capable machine. Even existing games will perform better on the new console, with frame rates increasing and GPU power usage reducing. While some existing games will benefit more than others, simply playing on the Xbox One X will be a marked improvement.

In fact, the console’s power is on par with gaming PCs, and it’s that type of experience the Xbox team wants to convey. In the same interview with MCV, McCarthy shared his idea of what the Xbox One X should play like, saying it will feel like a “premium PC experience.”

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, 2017.

Source: MCVUK

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