Mario and Rabbids Developer Pokes Fun at Emotional E3 Moment

Although the announcement of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle might not have been the most surprising announcement of E3 2017, given that a Mario meets Rabbids game had been rumored for some time, but the reveal of the game certainly had an impact on the game’s creative director. Davide Soliani teared up as industry granddaddy Shigeru Miyamoto waxed lyrical about him and the game, and became an immediate internet sensation.

However, this wonderful scene from E3 2017 has not gone without a gentle ribbing from the rest of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle development team. Apparently, Soliani’s reaction has done enough for the team to go ahead and get the creative director a novelty t-shirt to help cement this E3 moment in the history books.

The t-shirt itself has been emblazoned with a picture of the moment when Soliani was welling up, along with the hashtag #DontCryUbisoftMan. Soliani certainly seems to have enjoyed the novelty shirt, as the creative director took to Twitter to share this new addition to his wardrobe. The tweet itself can be seen below.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was perhaps the worst kept secret of E3 2017, with multiple sources confirming the existence of a Mario Rabbids title even before the game’s artwork appeared. As a result, the game was not exactly top of many gamer’s wish lists going into the expo itself, with instead many expecting it to be little more than a simple crossover.

However, once the game had been revealed consensus on the title changed massively. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was announced with aplomb, and the game proved to be one of the big surprise hits of E3 2017, particularly after the title’s trailer and XCOM style tactical gameplay were shown off over the course of the week.

As such, plenty of gamers may well be tempted to go ahead and pick up the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Collector’s Edition, as it certainly takes the Mario franchise in an interesting new direction. Should the game’s reception upon release match its potential, then Soliani may see reason to well up once more – particularly if the title once again gets the blessing of Shigeru Miyamoto.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be available from August 29, 2017, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter

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