Knuckles Drops Truth Bombs in Sonic Boom TV Show

Recent Sonic games haven’t been well-received by critics or fans, but the 2014 animated Sonic Boom television series has struck a chord with the community for its humor and self-awareness. In a very recent episode to air as part of the show’s 2017 season, the self-awareness is cranked up an extra notch courtesy of self-proclaimed “meathead feminist”, Knuckles the echidna.

The self-aware Sonic Boom moment in question occurs during a soccer match involving the main characters, which is punctuated by Amy Rose proclaiming whether she can “break the glass ceiling” with a penalty kick and thus prove that females are as good at males at the sport. Being the cool character that he is, Knuckles decides to chime in with his expert opinion on the matter, pointing out that anytime someone draws attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of equality by implying that that specific moment is an exception and not a status quo.

As a brilliant final punchline, this truth bomb is fantastically topped off with Knuckles quipping that just because he is a “meathead” doesn’t mean he isn’t a “feminist.”

This moment of self-awareness and progressiveness will undoubtedly solidify Knuckles’ reputation as a popular character among the fandom (and perhaps might even garner him some new fans), and it comes just in time for the release of the next Sonic title, Sonic Mania. While it is unlikely that Knuckles will talk about his stance on other progressive issues in the game, it is due for release in a couple weeks time and fans can expect Sonic Mania to be a nostalgic throwback to the Sonic aesthetic and style of the Sega Genesis era.

While Knuckles’ progressiveness is likely to not be seen in the planned Sonic games for 2017, this kind of self-awareness and humor may find its way into the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Executive produced by Tim Miller, director of the mega-successful Deadpool, Knuckles’ hilarious brand of open-minded humor would be a perfect fit for Miller’s comedic sensitivities thus giving the upcoming film that extra edgy tone to set itself apart from other adaptations.

Knuckles’ truth bomb quip in Sonic Boom shows that there’s still much that can be done with the series’ characters, and with various new Sonic projects underway this year, perhaps this could herald a sign that the beloved blue hedgehog will have a big return in 2017.

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