How Bungie is Changing the Crucible Control Mode

Another wave of Destiny 2 information has been made today, with a focus on the Crucible and particularly the PvP mode Control. IGN wrote about its hands-on time playing Control on the all new Destiny 2 map of Endless Vale. In playing Control in Destiny 2, several changes from the original Destiny were noted. The least of which is the Destiny 2 switch from 6v6 to 4v4, the new standard for all Crucible modes. But that’s just the start of the changes.

A majority of the changes are made to suit the lower player count. That means faster objectives and less reliance on teammates, a trend that seems to be a focus for all of Destiny 2‘s Crucible modes. But with Control, fans can see how that philosophy comes to fruition in detail.

Here are a list of changes noted in Control for Destiny 2:

  • Number of teammates on a point no longer change how fast it captures.
  • Point A and C begin the round captured, with one held by each team.
  • A captured point no longer has to be neutralized, only recaptured.
  • Capturing all points activates a “power play,” earning the advantaged team more points per kill
  • Matches now last 8 minutes, instead of 12.

As is apparent, the new Control mode will move much faster than it did previously. With single player point captures, no neutralization, and power plays, Destiny 2‘s Control will have players burning through matches faster than ever before. One final note is that Control will have the Mercy Rule implemented, though with the shorter, faster matches it’s going through some retooling and had not been enabled yet.

Considering Destiny featured over 10 different Crucible PvP gametypes, from Rumble to Supremacy, odds are Destiny 2 will be changing those that return in small and large ways. The changes to Control are just a single example of how a gametype can change dramatically between the two games. 

It also goes to show how much Bungie has been taking note of how they can improve the game throughout Destiny‘s lifespan. Destiny 2‘s Crucible is essentially Crucible 2.0, built on the lessons learned from the original game. Countdown is a great example of Bungie delivering the kind of PvP that Destiny fans would have loved — now just less than two months away.

Destiny 2 is schedule for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, with a PC release to follow on October 24.

Source: IGN

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