Friday the 13th Shows off New Jason Kills in Mocap

It has been a while since Friday the 13th The Game developer Gun Media has revealed any new content for its multiplayer-focused game, but things are starting to heat up as the fan base gets antsy. This week, Director Randy Greenback offered some short clips from mo-cap sessions; teasing new kills for Jason are on the horizon.

When it comes to adding Jason kills for Friday the 13th, Greenback and the teams at Gun Media and Illfonic are going out. While it would be easy to simply recreate kills using any stuntman or stuntwoman, Gun Media has once again enlisted the help of Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees in many of the later films.

Although it is hard to get a full sense for the upcoming Jason kills, it does appear as though Greenback’s team is mixing the brutal with the flashy. In one short clip, Hodder can be seen whipping a “counselor” around with his weapon deep in their neck. While another features a stunt man hovering in the air, suggesting Jason might have a kill that lifts a counselor via his weapon.

Obviously, it’s hard to fully glean what the Friday the 13th team is working on based on mo-cap clips, but the good news is that they are working on something. Jason kills may not be very high on players’ wish lists when it comes to new content, but the fact that Gun Media and Illfonic are in a mo-cap studio suggests the experience will soon grow.

This week’s mo-cap session works in tandem with quotes from Gun Media about new maps and counselors, which the studio says are in the game’s future. Friday the 13th was always a work in progress, but connection issues at launch and beyond seemingly halted some of that progress. Now that the game has been patched a few times, however, the focus can shift to expanding the experience.

There’s no clear indication as to when these new Jason kills might be added to Friday the 13th since Gun is only at the mo-cap stage. It’s also unclear if new kills might be included as part of their own update, or if the developer plans to introduce new content as part of one big download or for the retail version launch. The devs seem to be more vocal now, so hopefully players can get some concrete answers soon.

Friday the 13th is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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