Friday the 13th Retro Jason Skin Delayed on Xbox One

Friday the 13th developer Gun Media has bad news for Xbox One players yet again, confirming today that the Retro Jason Skin update has been hit with a delay. On PC and PS4, players can enjoy a SNES-inspired look for Jason Part 3 – ahead of the Double XP weekend – but Xbox players will be waiting a bit longer.

According to Gun, the Xbox One update delay is the result of a memory leak issue, which has been causing problems for Friday the 13th since launch. This time around the memory leak issue has kept the latest update from passing Microsoft’s certification process, which makes sure that a patch or update is safe to install on the platform.

As far as when Xbox One players can expect the Retro Jason patch, Gun has already submitted a new patch for certification and should know whether that one has passed on Wednesday morning. If it does pass then players should see Retro Jason in the game soon after that. If it does not pass then they are left waiting yet again.

Update: The Update is Going Live for PS4 and Steam Users. Should be live around 30min after this post. Remember; the…

Posted by Friday the 13th: The Game on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

To say that Xbox One players have had the worst experience with Friday the 13th would be putting things mildly. For starters, the Xbox One version launched without a Day One patch, which meant that many of the bugs fixed in between the game’s alpha and its launch were still there.

Then, the platform has had to wait the longest for the big matchmaking patch, which only just released a few days ago. For reference, the PC and PS4 versions have had that patch for over two weeks now.

Of course, now that Gun Media has explained that there is a memory leak issue with Friday the 13th on Xbox One it makes sense why things are taking much longer. That doesn’t mean those players should feel any better about their situation, but at least they now have a better understanding as to why.

The hope is that Gun will be able to get the patch out before the Friday the 13th is set to run its first Double XP Weekend starting on June 23rd. But even if the developers can’t, we’d suspect that they might extend the event for Xbox One players.

Friday the 13th The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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