Friday the 13th Game Adding New Easter Eggs for Horror Fans

With the release of Friday the 13th: The Game, Illfonic and Gun Media have introduced gamers to an adaptation of one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time. Friday the 13th manages to put together some very solid recreations of locations from the movies themselves, complete with a number of Easter eggs to keep fans of the series happy. From the sounds of it, however, there are going to be even more secrets to find in the game soon.

Over on Twitter, Gun Media founder Wes Keltner revealed that Friday the 13th is going to have more for players to uncover going forward. Keltner outright stated that he is currently “working on new Easter eggs for the game,” so gamers should definitely be on the lookout for some serious secrets with future updates to the asymmetrical multiplayer horror title.

Understandably, this had gamers more than a little interested, and a cryptic further comment from Keltner himself has given players a better idea of what he and Gun Media have in store. With one Twitter user suggesting that Friday the 13th should include an in-game puzzle or mystery to solve, Keltner’s .gif game was on point with a follow-up reply, suggesting that players may need to do some sleuthing to access this extra content.

With so many Friday the 13th films to turn to for inspiration, Keltner certainly has a wealth of content to go through to find worthwhile Easter eggs. Already, fans have found references to the likes of long-time Jason actor Kane Hodder and the town of Blairstown, so there’s no doubt going to be plenty more for gamers to discover in the future.

Of course, being based on such a long-running series from an established intellectual property has its own problems, and many gamers were concerned that the lawsuit for the rights to Friday the 13th could impact on the future of the game entirely. Thankfully, such fears have now been calmed through a statement from the lawyer to the series’ producers, explaining that Friday the 13th: The Game‘s future is very much secure.

Exactly what that future holds, though, is still up for much debate. Players are after a more stable experience with perhaps a little more content, and are holding out hope that news on a Friday the 13th single player mode will be coming soon. Until then, though, players might feel that the time is right to re-watch the series in order to be fully up to speed when these new Easter eggs come.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter

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