Doom Mod with Crash Bandicoot is the Stuff of Nightmares

Crash Bandicoot has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity lately, thanks to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and the “Whoa!” meme that has been making its way around the Internet. Now the iconic marsupial has even made his way to Doom, with modder Jaxxoon R adding the “Whoa!” meme Crash to the classic PC game with a new mod.

Jaxxoon R’s work is inspired by another modder named Nitroactive, who originally added Crash to Doom, but without animation. Jaxxoon R decided to add an animated Crash to the mod, and he also went a step further by replacing every single enemy in the game with Crash.

The end result is something that is not only terrifying, but also rather annoying, to the point that playing through the entirety of Doom with this mod activated would be a feat of Herculean proportions. See the madness for yourself in the video below, put together by YouTuber ICARUSLIV3S:

Besides the Crash Bandicoot “Whoa!” meme mod, the video posted by ICARUSLIV3S offers a glimpse at another mod based on recent trends. With this other mod active, players can destroy the demons of Hell (or the Crash Bandicoots, as it were) using none other than a fidget spinner as a weapon.

Some people may find these Doom mods obnoxious, but others will be impressed that the game still has mods made for it regularly, over 20 years after its initial launch in 1993. Of course, there are mods available for Doom that are a great deal more impressive and less annoying than the ones on display in the video, like the No Man’s Sky mod, for instance, or the one that adds the classic GoldenEye 007 Dam level to the game.

There is no shortage of quality Doom mods available to the masses, and while this Crash Bandicoot “Whoa!” meme mod may be more annoying than anything else, it should still be good for a laugh or two. If anything, it’s an excuse to play Doom again to show some friends the absurdity.

The Crash Bandicoot “Whoa!” meme mod is available now for the PC version of Doom.

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