Destiny 2 Theme Music Remix is Awesome

Fan projects are a dime a dozen these days, with players creating everything from a Super Mario Maker-inspired level-sharing game to a fan-made Metal Gear to a Metroid 2 remake. But devotion to a particular series or single title more often extends beyond the bounds of actual game development, and one longtime Destiny fan proved that earlier this week. YouTube user Mumblecrust got quite creative and crafted a remix of the main theme from Destiny 2.

The inspiration for the remix came after Mumblecrust played the Destiny 2 beta, which kicked off on July 18 in Early Access on PS4, reached all consoles on July 21, and closed just last week on July 23. According to the video’s description, Mumblecrust felt a drive to create a new take on the main theme but still wanted to maintain the tune’s structural integrity.

Keeping the core harmonic and fundamental concepts of the original music, Mumblecrust took creative liberty by shifting a few things around and putting an “electronic spin on it.” Check it out below:

All music was produced using Avid Pro 11 with various Waves plugins coupled with the software’s native plugins, the wavetable software synthesizer plugin NI Massive, and a software sampler called Kontakt. The entire theme was set over cinematics in the Destiny 2 Homecoming mission, multiple teaser trailers for the upcoming sequel, a handful of in-game clips, and the epic gameplay reveal trailer.

Response to the remix has been generally positive, with Reddit users calling it “amazing” and commending Mumblecrust on a job well done. Many applauded the techno/synth vibes of the remix.

One Destiny fan even said the switched-up version of the theme expertly highlighted the best aspects of the original. “If anything, this makes me appreciate the theme more. I kind of mentally drown out the traditional epic rock symphonic soundtrack, but the tones you used really highlight the melodies. Great work!” wrote another Destiny fan.

Though it seems to have meshed well with fans thus far, Mumblecrust’s remix of the Destiny 2 theme may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as some might prefer the orchestral original over a new-wave refresh. In any case, it effortlessly adds another layer of excitement to the sequel’s impending launch and boosts players’ anticipation for the game, which is closing in on its release date with great speed. Let’s just hope Mumblecrust’s musical stylings can tide most fans over until then.

Destiny 2 is slated for launch on September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One. The sequel will hit PC on October 24.

Source: YouTube – Mumblecrust

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