Destiny 2 PC Version May be Coming to Steam

Destiny 2’s partnership may be with Blizzard and its Battlenet platform for the foreseeable future, but that may not always be the case. A new listing on the Steam Store suggests that Destiny 2 could be coming to the platform.

The Steam store listing itself mentions 500 Destiny silver, one of the in-game currencies with which players can purchase emotes, exotic weapon ornaments, and more. Bungie has yet to confirm whether the listing is legitimate, though, so it’s best to treat this with a grain of salt.

Before Bungie confirms or denies the listing is real, it’s important to point out a few things. First and foremost, this is not the first time that Silver has shown up on the Steam store. Some believe that the posting is tied to the PS3’s connection to Steam, and somehow things get a little wonky on Valve’s end.

Second, this is a listing for Destiny silver, not Destiny 2 silver. We have yet to hear from Bungie as to whether Destiny 2 will even support the same currencies as Destiny 1, or even if there will be microtransactions at all.

destiny silver steam page

Still, the timing of the listing’s appearance has some speculating, and trying to draw connections when there may not be some. Steam is the preferred platform when it comes to PC gaming and anything that forces players outside of that comfort zone is likely to be met with resistance. Granted, most players are plenty familiar with Battlenet since it houses World of Warcraft, the very popular Overwatch, and Hearthstone, which just launched a new expansion last week.

Destiny 2 and Battlenet seem pretty closely tied together, and the chances of them separating are extremely unlikely. After all, Activision and Blizzard are partners – basically one company – and Destiny 2 will be available on the platform that benefits its publisher the most.

After a time, it’s still possible that Destiny 2 will inevitable make its way to the PC. Plenty of games that started in their publisher’s launched eventually made the jump to Valve’s platform, and if Destiny 2 is successful enough it’s hard to imagine Activision wouldn’t at least consider the possibility.

Destiny 2 releases October 24 for PC.

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