Destiny 2 Beta Pre-Load Begins Today

After revealing Destiny 2 to the public back in May, players have been eager to get their hands on the game and its new features, character subclasses, and PvP content like the game mode Countdown. The day many fans have been long waiting for is almost here, as players can now start to pre-load the Destiny 2 beta in advance of its early access period starting on Tuesday, July 18 on PlayStation 4 and Wednesday, July 19 for Xbox One owners.

Starting around 10AM PDT/ 1PM EDT/ 6PM BST today, July 13, players who have pre-ordered the game and have entered that early access code into their account will be able to start pre-loading the Destiny 2 beta once the emails with beta codes are sent out. For now, the beta is limited to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players as PC players unfortunately have to wait a bit longer, as a beta on their platform of choice doesn’t kick off until later in August.

Inside the beta, players will essentially have access to the same content that was revealed during the world premier livestream event fans saw back in May. This includes the opening mission known as Homecoming, which lets players experience the fall of the Tower to the Cabal Red Legion.

Additional content includes the Inverted Spire co-op strike, access to the three new subclasses and two new competitive multiplayer modes with Countdown and Control. For one hour at 10am PDT on July 23, players will be able to stress test the new social space known as The Farm as well.

The ability to pre-load joins the ability to now link accounts to a account for PC users. The process is intended to streamline the process in preparation of the PC release in October, but players are reporting serious issues. In some cases, the player’s original account is being completely overwritten and lost. Losing an account with years of hard work put into it is no doubt disappointing, so players are urged to make sure the right accounts are being linked.

Destiny 2 launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6, followed by PC on October 24.

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