Days Gone Dev Talks Making Each Mission Feel Unique

Since Days Gone was initially announced, the PS4 exclusive has been a major cause of excitement for gamers. On top of showcasing both stunning visuals and tense gameplay footage as seen at E3 2017, those interested in the open world horror title have been wowed by the potential for dynamic events in the game, and now senior programmer Darren Chisum has given some details on exactly how the development team is making this goal a reality.

Speaking in a recent interview, Chisum explained that the variety of different systems in the game will result in a huge change in how individual missions can play out. “There are a lot of different systems in Days Gone that just operate out in the open world, and those can play out in so many different ways depending on how you deal with them,” explained Chisum.

As it turns out, Bend Studio has a full team working on a series of variable events that should result in some very different experiences for players. “We have a dedicated team at Bend Studio that’s making these kind of events and creating ways to place them around the world, depending on where the player is, what level they are, and what they’re doing,” said Chisum in the interview. “It’s not always going to be humans, it’s not always going to be Freakers – it’s sometimes going to be both, or animals might get involved.”

These interactions will then vary depending on a number of different parameters, such as environmental changes. “The time of day impacts the population of the Freakers out in the world, and the awareness of the Marauders,” said Chisum, and it’s clear that cold weather will affect Freakers and motorcycle performance too. “On top of this – and this can happen at any time in any weather – we’ve also got dynamic events, such as Runners, infected wolves, and Ragers, which are the infected bears.”

Apparently, these infected animals will vary depending on what the player is doing, and at what time of the day, so it seems like gamers will really have to plan out their movements if they are particularly keen to avoid a potential encounter. The real pull of Days Gone from an enemy perspective, of course, is the Freakers, and Chisum once again warned players to “keep in mind” the fact that the Freakers prefer nighttime and damp environments.

All in all, this unique mission mechanic certainly seems like a promising one, and has been showcased by Bend Studio with pride, as with the recently-released alternative Days Gone gameplay footage that showed how environmental differences on the same mission can drastically change the gameplay. Hopefully, this selling point will end up making Days Gone an unmissable experience.

Days Gone does not currently have a release date, but will launch for the PlayStation 4.

GamesTM (via WCCFTech)

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