Champion Medal Fix in the Works

Recently, Niantic has teased that more Legendary raid battles are on the way in its popular augmented reality mobile title Pokemon GO, but the developer also wants to try and assure fans that it’s diligently plugging away at fixing some of the game’s bugs. For instance, the company recently promised that since some raids against Legendaries aren’t counting toward the Champion Medal, a fix will be implemented in an upcoming patch to address the issue.

As seen in the tweet below from the official Niantic Support Twitter account, the developer has acknowledged that the Champion Medal bug is currently a known issue by referencing the user Mr Shinx’s experience, who has said, “None of my Legendary raids are counting toward my raids medal,” as they have beaten 21 of the top-tier creatures in total. However, while Niantic is well aware of the problem, it has yet to offer a time frame as to when the update providing the fix will be enacted for Pokemon GO.

Furthermore, it’s currently unknown as to whether or not the aforementioned Pokemon GO update will retroactively count Legendary raids for the Champion Medal, or if it will just be a fix that is applied moving forward. Of course, should Niantic only patch the issue and not award those players who have beaten Legendary creatures with a Champion Medal for their efforts, it’s safe to presume that the user base – particularly those affected – will be extremely displeased with the developer.

As it so happens, the Champion Medal bug’s addition to Pokemon GO‘s “Known Issues” page shortly follows the discovery of a glitch that involves raid bosses always breaking free from the last Premier Ball available. A momentary solution was put in place to counteract the effects of the issue, with Niantic temporarily granting an extra Premier Ball in the Bonus Challenge.

All things considered, while the Champion Medal bug is definitely an annoying and troublesome situation, should one peruse the full list of “Known Issues” in Pokemon GO, it looks as if it’s far from the biggest problem facing the game as of now. For instance, one major glitch has been found that involves the use of potions causing the application to become unresponsive, while another has users encountering a red “Error” banner when simply interacting with raid battles, and the list just goes on from there. Plus, there are even some Pokemon GO Fest attendees having trouble requesting refunds from Niantic following the disastrous event in Chicago last month, pointing toward the much larger trend of the developer not being fully prepared when problems emerge.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS.

Source: Niantic Support – Twitter

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