Breath of the Wild Is Getting An Art Book

Nintendo took to Twitter this morning to announce the third Zelda art book, which will focus entirely on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The post was short and simple, merely revealing the books existence, and didn’t make any mention of a release date. Instead, it provided a few sample images to stir excitement in fans.

This is the third art book based on The Legend of Zelda. The first was the very popular Hyrule Historia, which gave a comprehensive look at the history of the series up to that point. More importantly, it provided answers to the burning question of where each game takes place on the Zelda timeline. The upcoming art book may shed some more light as to when Breath of the Wild takes place on that timeline, effectively ending the ongoing debate.

The second book released was The Legend of Zelda: Arts & Artifacts, and it contained a collections of artwork and rare sketches from the series.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s first DLC expansion, The Master Trials, released just last week and introduced a lot of great new elements to keep people playing. It added a harder difficulty mode, various armor sets, and some useful new items. Its most significant addition is the Trial of the Sword, which is a grueling test of a player’s abilities. However, the reward is a fully powered up Master Sword, so it is well worth the effort. For some, it’s less of a trial and more of a personal challenge, like one player who attempted to expeditiously complete the test and did so in a little over an hour.

The next major DLC is The Champion’s Ballad, which will focus on Zelda’s exploits before the appearance of Calamity Ganon. This had many fans curious if there would be other playable characters, such as the four Champions or the princess herself. However, Nintendo recently confirmed that Link will remain the only playable character.

Source: GameSpot

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