Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres Coming Back For Limited Time

Ever since the game released in July 2017, Pokemon GO players have been eager for the opportunity to catch some legendary Pokemon. Now, Niantic Inc. has detailed a new opportunity for trainers to capture some of the most iconic legendaries in the Pokedex.

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia have all been made available in recent weeks as part of the anniversary celebrations for Pokemon GO. Today, it was confirmed that they will be out in the wild once again from now until the end of August.

Previously, the three Pokemon from the Kanto region made their appearance in the game on a staggered basis, each turning up for a week before being replaced by one of their fellow legendary birds. However, this time around they’re all going to be present at once, presenting a unique opportunity for trainers to flesh out their collection.

The four Pokemon will be found in Raid Battles, a relatively new addition to the game that made its debut earlier in the summer. To engage in a Raid Battle, players need to grab a Raid Pass then look out for an egg hovering over a Gym. Once that egg hatches, up to 20 players can team up to take on the formidable Pokemon chosen to serve as the Raid boss.

It remains to be seen how easy it will be to find all four legendaries over the course of the next two weeks. The fact that these Pokemon are only being made available for a limited time makes capturing them difficult enough, but we’ll soon find out whether certain members of the flock are more rare than others.

Given that these four legendary birds are being offered up once again, there’s sure to be renewed speculation about when Ho-oh will be added to the game. Ho-oh and Lugia formed the legendary duo of birds featured in Pokemon Gold and Silver — but it’s worth noting that Ho-oh has a connection with the legendary beasts much like Lugia is linked to Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, so it’s possible that it’s being held back for a later date.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Niantic

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