Anthem Official PS4 Trailer is Photoshopped Xbox One X Version

Fans have discovered that the “official” PS4 trailer for BioWare’s new game Anthem is actually a Photoshopped version of Xbox One X footage. The title’s Xbox One X gameplay trailer aired at E3 2017 and was widely praised as one of the best moments of the event.

Although Microsoft and Xbox have the marketing rights for BioWare’s new game, when Anthem is released next year, it will also be coming to PS4 and PC. To highlight this fact, the official PlayStation YouTube account uploaded the Anthem gameplay trailer, but eagle-eyed fans discovered that the footage is just an edited version of the Xbox One X footage. Fans pointed out that the trailer does include PS4 DualShock button prompts, but as seen in the image found further below, in some scene transitions it seems that these buttons have just been Photoshopped over the Xbox One controller inputs.

With the mix-up doing the rounds on social media, the PlayStation YouTube has already taken down the Anthem video in question, though a new version has yet to be uploaded. Although many fans are glad that PlayStation has moved quickly to rectify the issue, some are unhappy and accuse platform holder Sony of being misleading.

It’s not unusual for publishers and developers to make multiple versions of a trailer for different platforms, editing different button prompts over the exact same footage. But the difference here is that the Anthem footage was specifically promoted as an example of the Xbox One X’s power. The trailer showcased the impressive technical specifications of the upcoming Microsoft console and it even if it wasn’t the case, it makes it look as though Sony was trying to pass it off as an example of the PS4’s capabilities instead.

In the aim of being fair, it seems unlikely that Sony or the PlayStation YouTube team did this with any malicious intent. It was likely just an attempt at capitalizing on the Anthem hype and reminding everybody that the BioWare game is also coming to PS4. Some may also argue that the PS4 Pro-enhanced version of the game will probably look like the Xbox One X version too. After all, other games like Destiny 2 will have the same frame rate on all consoles. But as BioWare itself has not made any confirmations, it’s too early to know that for sure, and it’s certainly too early to use identical footage as an example of the game running on both consoles.

Anthem will be released in fall 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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