Andromeda Devs Tease New DLC

When Electronic Arts announced that the Mass Effect franchise was going on hiatus and developer BioWare Montreal was being reassigned, most figured that was the end for the studio’s current game, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Whatever plans the developers may have had to expand upon the world of Andromeda, be it single player or multiplayer, were seemingly being scrapped.

However, a few cryptic tweets by members of the Mass Effect: Andromeda team have fueled speculation that might not be the case. Nothing is official yet, but it does sound as though BioWare may have some new content planned for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The teases come from a variety of sources including members of the BioWare writing team, who took part in a Twitch stream recently. When asked if new DLC might be in the cards, the developers told viewers that they couldn’t talk about future content or projects.

What the developers could say is that there will be some resolutions for the Mass Effect: Andromeda story’s remaining threads, specifically a tease at the end of the game. We won’t say exactly what that tease was, but there is an alien race notably absent from the Andromeda experience, and for good reason. Presumably BioWare will be able to deliver on those teases in a way that satisfies fans.

While that tease was suitably tantalizing on its own, one of the Andromeda writers took things a step further by saying she is working on one of her “favorite things [she has] ever written.” What exactly that might be is unclear, but the timing of all of the teases is hard to overlook. BioWare is clearly working on something, but there’s no guarantees what it might be.

mass effect writer dlc tease tweet

The obvious answer is that BioWare is working on a DLC add-on for Mass Effect: Andromeda that serves as a conclusion to this adventure. Andromeda was meant to be its own sprawling sub-series like those starring Commander Shepard, but sales didn’t meet expectations. But there may be one last opportunity for BioWare to put a bow on this story before the Mass Effect series gets shelved.

There’s also the possibility that what BioWare is working on is not game content, but is some other storytelling medium like a graphic novel. At this point we don’t know the full extent of Electronic Arts’ dialing back of BioWare Montreal and whether or not the staff is big enough to put out a DLC episode.

If work had already started on DLC then BioWare should be given the resources to finish it. If not, though, then perhaps something completely different is on the way. Hopefully we will find out soon.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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